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Why Book Me?

I am sure you have read through lots of 'about me' pages by now, and yes I too have a passion for photography, started the business when my children were small, have insurance, won awards and have been trained by top photographers.

But whats also important is that the images I take are for you and your family, and are (hopefully) going to be hung on your walls. 

So I want to listen to what you want out of your session.

I do have my own style, which I would say is quite classic and natural, without too many props distracting from the main focus of the session. (although I do have lots of hats, blankets, and tiny hair bands for Newborns,  (if you want to use them) 

There are lots of different types of sessions for you to choose from, some that might even tempt the most reluctant child.

Check out my New Cube and Red Car session for something a bit different!

Many of my sessions have been tried and tested by my two boys, after a bit of bribery!

Having children myself, I completely understand any worries you might have about your little treasures not behaving during the session, but I am very patient and will try my very best to get pictures you will love.

With my own children I know I have 20 minutes at the most and then they are off!

My Boys

My favourite, best value and most popular package is the 'Watch Me Grow' which includes 3 sessions, with 10 images from each, plus you get a free triple portfolio or 3 wooden blocks, for free at the end.   (who dosen't like a freebie)

HERE are my prices

Come and see me at my little home studio in Chorley soon

Kind Regards



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