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I am an easy going natural light photographer. While I will always have a plan for our session together, I let your newborn take the lead and very much work to your baby's needs. If you have anything in particular you'd like in your session, I will try my best to arrange it.

I would Love to hear about your ideas on the style and type of images you're after, to the use of props in your session, along with colours and materials you would like in your photographs.

Most parents actually come and say " we love all your images, please just do what you think looks best" which is fine too.

Please book while pregnant to avoid disappointment, as  the best time to photograph your baby is 5-12 days old if possible. If you or your baby are not feeling up to it after the birth, I can also photograph them a little older, just be aware that they may not be quite so curled up, but they will still be precious memories to keep forever.



What to expect

A Newborn session can take 2-3 hours, I won't rush at all and just follow your baby's lead.

We will spend lots of time soothing and cuddling your little one, its very important to remember that your baby will not perform on demand, experience has shown that the more relaxed mum and dad are the more settled baby will be. So please come along, chill out, relax and enjoy.

The morning of your session I ask that you play and interact with your baby lots, we want baby to be nice and sleepy during the session.

A baby with a full tummy is a happy sleepy baby, please be prepared to feed your baby a few times during the session.

Please bring a snuggly blanket, nappies, lots of milk, dummy if use one, oh an don't forget baby!

The room will be nice and toasty warm so that baby will be comfortable enough to sleep in the nude. You may want to dress in light clothes so as not to get too hot yourselves and stay comfortable.

Please don't worry if baby wee's or poo's on anything, your baby won't be the first and certainly won't be the last.

Being a mum myself, I will at all time have your baby's safety and comfort as paramount importance. When your baby reaches that deep sleep cycle, I will be able to position him/her into various posses to achieve maximum cuteness.

After the session I will edit your lovely images and load them into a private, password protected gallery. I will email you a link and password.

All the images are numbered, you will need the numbers next to your child's name to order.

You can email or ring to order -       01257 264346

I am always here if you need any help x

Quick Tips

Allow 2-3 hours

Lots of mums say that a bath before the session helps baby sleep well.

Bring a blanket, nappies, lots of milk and a dummy if use one.

Studio will be very warm so dress comfortably.

Feel free to bring a snack.

I accept cash, cheque or cards.

After session I will email you a link and password to gallery.

Enjoy xxx


I LOVE photographing Babies but more importantly I have been trained by Award Winning Photographers in Newborn Baby Posing and Safety.

I am also a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Assosiation BANPAS

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